Welcome to the compendium gallery, a collection of some of the visual flotsam that has accumulated around the compendium over the years. Some of the images in the gallery are quite large, although the majority will load in a reasonable amount of time across the average modem. Once you are viewing an image, you can move to other images by selecting the arrows you will see below the image.
Where it all began
Those damn clowns #5
Uncle Barney
Impressions of Pete #1

Who are the people in your neighborhood?
Fly #7
Paper Towel Art #4
Deus Dischordia
Chairman Mao hiding behind an ice cube

Uncle Barney's Disguise
Impressions of Pete #2
The best excuse for being late
John Lennon lectures the clams

Chance encounter #23
Paper Towel Art #3
Bad day #22

Disease vector #9
Uh-Oh! L'il Wilbur said the F-word!
Somebody is watching you
Life out of balance
Shirt Art #2

Impressions of Pete #3
Stan's Place
Paper Towel Art #5
Impressions of Pete #4
Bookmark #2

Cover it up
Impressions of Pete #5
They are standing still
Bookmark #1