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Nickname, maybe?

- Cunning Linguist (Wednesday, August 30, 2000)

How is it that sometimes you're Leo and sometimes you're Leon?

- Mr. Curious (Tuesday, August 29, 2000)

Thanks, Leo. I don't know where this place would be without you.

Well, and Pete, of course, since he signs the paychecks.

- The Bastard (Tuesday, August 29, 2000)

...To which The Bastard replied:

Yes, immature we may be, but what we're not is:

1)neck-deep in Farwellian self-righteousness (we have our own kind of self-righteousness, but it doesn't hold a candle to your smug, priggish pronouncements);

2) vacuously judgmental about things that are far beyond our meager comprehension (again, we have our own judgements, but they lack the haughty, sweeping generalizations of your own special brand of tunnel vision); and

3)Have a good time with our own foibles and viewpoints. You, evidently, are incapable of having such fun, since you judge things on face value, rather than looking for meaning underneath, like someone who takes a 2-minute walk through a desert and decides that no living thing could possibly survive there.

Well, guess what? There's plenty of snakes and crawly things and kangaroo rats and lizards and such all around, many with their own kind of unique, creepy beauty. I prefer such things to your closed-minded ugliness any time.

One more thing: if you're trying to pass yourself off as intelligent, learn how to spell the word first. And as I am, in fact, a bastard, I take that last remark personally, although I highly doubt I'll ever be "wierd."

- The Bastard (Monday, August 28, 2000)

Very amusing.

- Leon Krumpowski, Compendium Maintenance Engineer (Tuesday, August 29, 2000)

Sorry, Bastard. You'se supposed to be able to go to to this link, but we apparently ain't got the links up and running yet.

Anyways, what "Jesse the Great" said was:

I consider myself a fairly intelegent person, and have experienced and seen quiet a few things in my life, some of them that were pleasing to the normal human, and others that were more disturbing than need mentioning. But having visited this site, I realize a few things.
First, there are things out there that are so bizzare, that you're imagination couldn't even concieve them.
Second, that no matter how strange of a person you think you have met or seen or heard of, they weren't anything compared to the wierdo's on this site, and last but not least, I have never witnessed such an immature display of "writers" in all my life.
So, to the creators and contributors to this webpage, thanks, for really making me realize how normal I am compared to the rest of you wierd bastards.

- Jessie The Great (Monday, August 28, 2000)

- Leon Krumpowski, Compendium Maintenance Engineer (Tuesday, August 29, 2000)

Aw, crap! Where do you go to read old (but post-expansion) Guestbooks?

- The Bastard (Monday, August 28, 2000)

*&^*&#*#%!!! That was really dreadful timing. Please go check out the previous Guestbook for a certain visitor's high-on-te-horse comments, and my response. It's the first *&^^% interesting thing that's happened in the Guestbook for months.

- The Bastard (Monday, August 28, 2000)


- asdfasd

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