Welcome to the center of the compendium: the Knowledge page. Contained herein are the opinions, observations, and wit of the myriad individuals that have answered the questions you see below. The questions are grouped together by mailing. To peruse a given set of questions, select the mailing that you are interested in and follow the question to the answers. Enjoy.

Mailing #10 What is love? Rock? What makes a car go? When do you know you're civilized? There was one? What makes the sun rise? List 3 things that make your glasses fog: What are the five rules of marriage?

Mailing #8 What's your problem? When can you tell you've changed? Butter? Why go fast? How do you spend your life? What the hell is that? If you were an inanimate object, what would you be? List 3 improbable toys: Please describe strength using exactly 25 words: List 5 things more powerful than a locomotive:

Mailing #6 How do you know when you're awake? What is the most absurd word you know? What is the purpose of hope? Birds, flying backwards? Why do you have a shadow? Opinion? What makes plants grow? List 3 common trivial things: Please describe a good day using exactly 25 words: List 5 words you don't know:

Mailing #4 If the earth could speak, what would it say? What will be the epitath (sic) on your tombstone? How does a flashlight work? What holds the stars up in the sky? What is your worst nightmare? What is the first thing you would do if you went to another planet? What is the magic word? When do you know you're wrong? Fishy? Why are spoons shorter than forks? What is the shortest distance between two points? Why do you have a nose?

Mailing #2 Why is the sky blue? What is your quest? Is give peace a chance? What is most important? Is it OK to leave food on your plate? When is it appropriate to lie? Guy Lombardo? Please write down 3 wise sayings: Please describe a light bulb using exactly 25 words: What do the following acronyms stand for?

Mailing #9 What are the ten rules of the road? What is it (#1)? Give 3 surrealistic compliments:

Mailing #7 Why do things fall? What do you say? Cigarette? What is death? Where would you like me to put it? Why do we sleep? What's the best way to start a fire? List 3 comfortable sounds: Please describe money using exactly 25 words: List the 5 things that will bring about the downfall of mankind:

Mailing #5 What does a dream cost? Are we there yet? What do you do when the sun stops working? If you could choose to have an extra appendage, what would it be? Why is it dark at night? How much is too much? Please write down 3 good ideas: Please describe where you live using exactly 25 words: List 5 things you should have learned in school but didn't:

Mailing #3 What are the three primary components of the universe? What is the best place in the world? Why do birds fly in a 'V'? Where do babies come from? Why do things turn inside out in the dryer? Is it possible to make a machine that can think? Why are people different? Where does the rain go when the sun is shining? What is the difference between sympathy and empathy? Please name three things that make your chest swell with excitement:

Mailing #1 What is the song that the sirens sing? Why is it bad to explode? Do you want to know a secret? When is now? When is it OK to panic? What does it mean to be creative? Feathers or Lead? What are the ten rules of etiquette for ballroom dancing?