Welcome to the shelf, where all of the finished works of the underneath come to rest after they've run their course. There are three shelves, actually: one that lists everything alphabetically (this one), another that lists thinks by ranking, and yet another that's just plain random.


A Date With Density (2 mokamoes)
A Day In Hell (1½ mokamoe)
A Few of my Most-Hated Things (2 mokamoes)
A foundering foundling fond of funding foundries (1 mokamoe)
A foundering foundling fond of funding foundries (0½ mokamoes)
A girl with the styrofoam thighs (3 mokamoes)
A Helping of Kismet for Lunch, Please (2½ mokamoes)
A Journey to the Isle of the Fat People (1 mokamoe)
A List of Funny Words (2 mokamoes)
A Little Night Music (1½ mokamoe)
A Peanut In an Almond World (3 mokamoes)
A Play On Words (0½ mokamoes)
A Play On Words (0½ mokamoes)
A Play On Words (1 mokamoe)
A Play On Words (0½ mokamoes)
A pox on your houses (2 mokamoes)
A Quick Poetry Lesson (4 mokamoes)
A Salesman, Another Salesman, and Yet Another Salesman (1 mokamoe)
aaaaaaa (0½ mokamoes)
aaaaaaa (0½ mokamoes)
aaaaaaa (0½ mokamoes)
absent of thought (1½ mokamoe)
actually_ hrmmm (2 mokamoes)
Advice (3 mokamoes)
Aga_aga_aga_aga Errrrrrrrrrgwinchulmpf (2½ mokamoes)
Aga_aga_aga_aga Errrrrrrrrrgwinchulmpf (0½ mokamoes)
Aik der Goathausen (2½ mokamoes)
Ain't No Foo (1½ mokamoe)
Aliens want to die (1½ mokamoe)
All these messages are suck (2½ mokamoes)
And in the beginning.... (1½ mokamoe)
And the subsequent poem of the quest of Monty Python for the Holy Grail (2 mokamoes)
and this has *what* to do with the topic? (2 mokamoes)
Andrea True Connection (1½ mokamoe)
Annoying Alliteration (3 mokamoes)
Another sad attempt (0½ mokamoes)
Another Story (0½ mokamoes)
Anthony's Dilemma
Anyone for tennis? (1 mokamoe)
Anything You Say, Lotus Boy! (3 mokamoes)
Anyway___ (3 mokamoes)
Apathy Man and the Consummate Conundrum (0½ mokamoes)
Apple in the middle (1 mokamoe)
Appropriate Wedding Gifts (2½ mokamoes)
Arguments Between Compendiumites I'm Glad I Don't Know (1 mokamoe)
argyle (2 mokamoes)
Arthur P. Doggie Style
Artichokes and snails (0½ mokamoes)
Assholes Anonymous (0½ mokamoes)
Assthigh (2½ mokamoes)
At Play in the W.C. Fields of the Lord (4 mokamoes)
Aussie Unchecked (1 mokamoe)
Axe Yourself a Question (1 mokamoe)


BAA RAM EWE (0½ mokamoes)
Bad pick_up lines (2½ mokamoes)
Banging on the Underside of the Desk (3 mokamoes)
Baseball Blunder (3½ mokamoes)
Bass_o_gram (Not a herbicide) (2½ mokamoes)
Bathe the Iguana (1 mokamoe)
Battledog - Star Warrior (1 mokamoe)
Battling the Dickweed Phone Company (1½ mokamoe)
Beeflet (0½ mokamoes)
Begins (2½ mokamoes)
Bela Lugosi's Car (2½ mokamoes)
bezz (1 mokamoe)
Big Bang Thermometer (3 mokamoes)
Big Fingers_ A Story in Fragments (2½ mokamoes)
Bitches and Hoe's, The Formal Version (1½ mokamoe)
Bite a Wicker Chair (2 mokamoes)
Bite Me Crack Baby (Oh Yesh) (3 mokamoes)
Bitterness is Betterness (1 mokamoe)
Blade (0½ mokamoes)
Bob said _Let this story be limited to three word sentences__ (0½ mokamoes)
Bonzai Bonsai (2½ mokamoes)
Bridge Oder Berlin (1 mokamoe)
Bright New Day (3½ mokamoes)
Britain's Queen 'Mum' Parodies Alice Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" (1½ mokamoe)
Buffalo Huntin' ? (1 mokamoe)
burpie burpie burp (excuse me_)_ (1½ mokamoe)
By The Way (2½ mokamoes)


Cantaloup_ Oh My Cantaloup (an opera of no tune)_ (0½ mokamoes)
Captain America is Addicted to Smurfs (1 mokamoe)
Casting Call for Stuck in Elmhurst (0½ mokamoes)
Celebrity Products and Services (1 mokamoe)
Change and Pain (0½ mokamoes)
Cheap Knockoffs of the Compendium of Knowledge (3 mokamoes)
Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Three Penny Three (2 mokamoes)
Chicken friend chicken friend foo_foo kajannywhacker II (3 mokamoes)
Chicken friend chicken friend foo_foo kajannywhacker II (4½ mokamoes)
Chicken Friend Chicken Friend Foo_Foo Kajannywhacker_ (0½ mokamoes)
chugger jenkins (2½ mokamoes)
Clean Out the Zombie Stories_ Pete (3 mokamoes)
Cliffnotes for the 1998 Guestbook (4½ mokamoes)
Clinton's 81 Answers (4 mokamoes)
Clintonization (1 mokamoe)
Coffee, Tea, or... (2 mokamoes)
Colorful Colloquialisms for 400 dollars (1 mokamoe)
Colorful Colloquialisms for 600 dollars (1½ mokamoe)
Colorful Colloquialisms for 800 dollars (3 mokamoes)
Colorful colloquialisms for _200 (1 mokamoe)
Come and Get It (4½ mokamoes)
Come and Went, and Done Come Back! (1 mokamoe)
Come on, you fucking IDIOTS! It's a goddam LIMERICK!!!!!! (4½ mokamoes)
Compendium Face Lift (3 mokamoes)
Compendium Merchandising (3½ mokamoes)
Compendium Merchandising (1 mokamoe)
Compendium Time (0½ mokamoes)
Compendium Time (0½ mokamoes)
Compendium? (0½ mokamoes)
Complilation of Really Dumb Questions (1 mokamoe)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineering (3 mokamoes)
Computers for people who use this thing as a chat room (3 mokamoes)
Conceptual Incontinuity Nest (1 mokamoe)
Confucious say... (2½ mokamoes)
Corn Flakes (0½ mokamoes)
Corn Flakes (1½ mokamoe)
Corrugated Iron (0½ mokamoes)
Corrugated Iron (3 mokamoes)
crayon color suggestions (4 mokamoes)
Cum On My Back Oh Thou Stallion Of A Magsig (2½ mokamoes)
Curious Grocery Stores (2½ mokamoes)


Da Jerm vs. Dorf - the ultimate sportsman (0½ mokamoes)
Darkness In The Shadows (1 mokamoe)
Day (0½ mokamoes)
Days of Wine and Toppie (3½ mokamoes)
Dead Dog buried in the backyard with your English Tea (1 mokamoe)
Death (2½ mokamoes)
Death By Turtle (4½ mokamoes)
Death By Turtle II (The Spawning) (1 mokamoe)
Death___ Death To You (2 mokamoes)
DeeDee the Road Slut (1 mokamoe)
Deep-Space Sci-Fi Thriller (1 mokamoe)
Der Auslander (1½ mokamoe)
Derg? (0½ mokamoes)
Did You Know___? (2 mokamoes)
Dire was the tossing, deep the groans... (2½ mokamoes)
Dirty Movies at the Copacabana (4½ mokamoes)
Dirty the griddle (3½ mokamoes)
do vegans swallow? (1 mokamoe)
Doctor Who, The Lost Episodes #1
Does one of the statues appear to be praying to the other? (0½ mokamoes)
Dole Honduras #4011 (1½ mokamoe)
Don't call me Snow (3½ mokamoes)
Double Word Association (0½ mokamoes)
Double Word Association (2 mokamoes)
Down At Rhiordan's Bar And Grill (2 mokamoes)
Down At Rhiordan's Bar And Grill (3 mokamoes)
Dr. Love's House of Chaos (2 mokamoes)
Dread Cthulu (how Kuriousity Killed the Kat) (4½ mokamoes)
Drivel me this (0½ mokamoes)
Drugs (0½ mokamoes)


Eat My Enthusiasm! (2½ mokamoes)
Eau de humanit (2½ mokamoes)
Ed (1 mokamoe)
Eenie meenie minie moe (3½ mokamoes)
Elian Gonzalez (1 mokamoe)
Elkin Magsig Shoo Fly Shoo (2½ mokamoes)
Emma sleeps with James(he's in a band) then kills satanspawn (1½ mokamoe)
Ernest Borgnine_ Peter Gunn (1 mokamoe)
Eschelon (1 mokamoe)
Evan Dando Loves You (2½ mokamoes)
Everyone's Worst Nightmare (2½ mokamoes)
Evil tupperware death time (2 mokamoes)
Ewan Kerr and the Pance of Doom (1 mokamoe)
Exhaustive Compilation of British Compendium Humor (0½ mokamoes)
Exodus Approaches (0½ mokamoes)
Extremely High Voltage (1 mokamoe)


F.U.Q. (2 mokamoes)
Fairy Tales That Didn't Make The Cut (3½ mokamoes)
Famous Last FRP Characters' Words (3½ mokamoes)
Fart (1 mokamoe)
Fart (0½ mokamoes)
Favorite Operating Schistems (1½ mokamoe)
Favourite Pastimes (1 mokamoe)
Feeling Sick? (2 mokamoes)
Fishy (1½ mokamoe)
Flat out like a Lizard Drinking (1½ mokamoe)
flimbling (2½ mokamoes)
floppyman (3½ mokamoes)
Fluffy bunny (3½ mokamoes)
Fondoolix (2½ mokamoes)
For Pete (0½ mokamoes)
Frank's Day (1½ mokamoe)
Free Nude Celebrity Pix!! (0½ mokamoes)
French Movie (3 mokamoes)
frenfries potatoes (2½ mokamoes)
Friendly Farces (3 mokamoes)
Fuck of the Wonder Twins (3½ mokamoes)
Fuck of the Wonder Twins (3½ mokamoes)
Fuck of the Wonder Twins (0½ mokamoes)
Fuck You II_ Don't read the nests if you don't like them_ (2 mokamoes)
Fuck You III_ Go to Hell and stop spoiling the fun of others (1 mokamoe)
Fuck You IV_umm I couldn't think of anything_ but FUCK YOU_ (0½ mokamoes)
fuck you_ i won't do what you tell me (1 mokamoe)
Fuck You_ You Righteous Shit_Heel (0½ mokamoes)
Fun Words For Breasts (4 mokamoes)
Fungus Land (0½ mokamoes)
Funk (0½ mokamoes)
Funny Words That Make Me Giggle Slightly (1 mokamoe)


gargoyl (0½ mokamoes)
Geisha Monkey Surprise (2 mokamoes)
Geno's Compendium of Dirtbags (1 mokamoe)
Geri_ Life After Spice Girls (2 mokamoes)
Geri_ Life After the Spice Girls (0½ mokamoes)
gess who? (3½ mokamoes)
Gia Kicks SATAN SPAWN'S SORRY ASS (2 mokamoes)
Gia Wants to Know (3 mokamoes)
Gimme a Tea_ Ya Bastard (2½ mokamoes)
girls (1 mokamoe)
Give 'em Hell Jim (3 mokamoes)
Glerby and the Frablonauts (1½ mokamoe)
Good Names For Rock Bands (4 mokamoes)
Gorgon is my co-pilot (0½ mokamoes)
Got Milk? (1 mokamoe)
Grass (1½ mokamoe)
Green Legs and Jam (4½ mokamoes)
Grind me to the gristle (3½ mokamoes)
Grok my Pessimism_ White Boy_ (4 mokamoes)
Gubbly (2 mokamoes)


h'I.Q. (1 mokamoe)
haiku surreal (4 mokamoes)
Hairy Axe Wound (0½ mokamoes)
Halophilic Heliotrope (2½ mokamoes)
Handoff The Mango (3½ mokamoes)
Handoff The Mango (0½ mokamoes)
Happiness is a warm chimp (3 mokamoes)
Happy_ Joyful Togetherness (1½ mokamoe)
Harold (1 mokamoe)
He Grease (2½ mokamoes)
He Shall Be Devon
Heroin (1 mokamoe)
Hey Nonny Nonny and a Heigh Ho Splat (3 mokamoes)
Hey Pete, are you asleep? (1 mokamoe)
Hey_ Fuck You_ Ms_ TooNice (2 mokamoes)
High Pathetically Speaking... (0½ mokamoes)
Higher Dialogue (1½ mokamoe)
Holiday Cheer (0½ mokamoes)
Holiday movie ideas turned down by the studios (4 mokamoes)
Holiday Treats (1 mokamoe)
Holidays Overlooked by most Calendars (4½ mokamoes)
Homunculous (0½ mokamoes)
Honorable Commander, Sir! Are You Out Of Your Fucking Mind!? (1 mokamoe)
Hopo Sapien LIVES (1 mokamoe)
Hot Asphalt (1 mokamoe)
House of Froth (2½ mokamoes)
How many ways can you bark with no tongue? (1½ mokamoe)
How to Build Your Own Compendium of Knowledge (3½ mokamoes)
How to organize a clown orgy (1½ mokamoe)


I am a Rag-picking Dirt-road Driver (1½ mokamoe)
I Am Tired of Stories (2½ mokamoes)
I Could Really Go For Some Pudding Right Now_ (1 mokamoe)
I Could Really Go For Some Pudding Right Now_ (1½ mokamoe)
I M N Idjit (0½ mokamoes)
I'm better than you I was drug up in Manchester (0½ mokamoes)
I'm not for eating, and I'm not for lunch! (1 mokamoe)
I'm so smart (0½ mokamoes)
I've got rhythmn (1½ mokamoe)
Ice Cream Flavors Turned Down By Baskin Robbins (5 mokamoes)
Ideas for New Questions (3 mokamoes)
If I could___ (1 mokamoe)
If I were an animal, what would I be? Why? (3 mokamoes)
Iggy coppermine (1½ mokamoe)
Images of Compendium Denizens (4½ mokamoes)
Improbable Role Playing Games (4½ mokamoes)
In the Beginning (3 mokamoes)
In the Beginning (0½ mokamoes)
In the Beginning v1_1 (1½ mokamoe)
inapproprate weddinng gifts (1 mokamoe)
Inconsiderate lackwits (Fluffy Bunny II) (3½ mokamoes)
Indifferent Indifferences (1 mokamoe)
Insomnia (2½ mokamoes)
Insult (1½ mokamoe)
Internal Dilemma (1 mokamoe)
IRIX (0½ mokamoes)
IRIX (0½ mokamoes)
IRIX (0½ mokamoes)
Is anyone else tired of listening to this? (1 mokamoe)
Is It True Love? (3 mokamoes)
Is That A Banana In Your Pocket? (0½ mokamoes)
It Came From The Guestbook (3 mokamoes)
It is what it is (0½ mokamoes)
It is what it is (0½ mokamoes)
It is what it is (0½ mokamoes)
It Rains In Seattle (2 mokamoes)
It was a weather balloon (1½ mokamoe)


Jagged Sat Jagged Stupid Jagged (4 mokamoes)
Japanese Haikus (3½ mokamoes)
jeff kimmel (1½ mokamoe)
jeu (1 mokamoe)
Joey's New Fingers (3 mokamoes)
John Leslie vs. Gordon Freeman
Journey Into Ambivalence (2½ mokamoes)
Just another manic Monday (3 mokamoes)
Just another night (0½ mokamoes)
Just Do It Now __ What's The Point? (0½ mokamoes)


Kalamazoo (1 mokamoe)
Karen Carpenter Black Like Me (0½ mokamoes)
Kaskaskia (oh baby_) (1½ mokamoe)
Ken is a Pig_fuck (3 mokamoes)
Kermit and the Lost Arc (1 mokamoe)
Kevin (3½ mokamoes)
Kevin vs. The Ryan x2 (1½ mokamoe)
Keys, My Adz! (3 mokamoes)
Kidding right? (3 mokamoes)
Kill Fishy, and then kill this one. (3 mokamoes)
kismooocheekookoo (0½ mokamoes)


Lack in Lustre (1 mokamoe)
Last_minute Christmas Wish List (2 mokamoes)
Legally obligated (0½ mokamoes)
Lick the Stain (3½ mokamoes)
Licking warm tarmac (3 mokamoes)
Life as a 4,000 year old mummy (2 mokamoes)
Like slow elephants in the night_____ (1 mokamoe)
Limerick (3½ mokamoes)
Lines on a Mystery (2 mokamoes)
Link Piot, Police Detective of... Spaaaaaace! (0½ mokamoes)
Link Piot, Police Detective of... Spaaaaaace! (1 mokamoe)
Links Nest (3½ mokamoes)
Liquid Scissors (2 mokamoes)
Look Out (1½ mokamoe)
Lord Of The Fleas (1 mokamoe)
Lorna Dane's Pizza Hut of Doom (2 mokamoes)
Los Elefantes Rojo (0½ mokamoes)
lost (2 mokamoes)
Love (1½ mokamoe)
Love Bunny Nation (0½ mokamoes)
Loving to Kill (0½ mokamoes)
Luke Skywalker_ Jedi of Destiny (0½ mokamoes)


Make the dead nests go away_ Pete_ (4½ mokamoes)
Make The Dead Nests Go Pete II (2½ mokamoes)
Mammals that can't stand Italics (0½ mokamoes)
Mammals that don't fit in pants (0½ mokamoes)
Mammals that don't fit in pants (1½ mokamoe)
Mammals that fit in pants (0½ mokamoes)
Mammals that fit in pants (2½ mokamoes)
Mammals that really swing with Italics (1 mokamoe)
Manila (2½ mokamoes)
Meeting of the Minds (4½ mokamoes)
Melting the Flesh from the Funny Bone Down (4 mokamoes)
Men in cockroach outfits retuned my TV (3 mokamoes)
Merv Griffin (1 mokamoe)
Messages to Send to the Future (2½ mokamoes)
Metaphorically Speaking (0½ mokamoes)
MetaSporically Phreaking (0½ mokamoes)
Metasporically Speaking (0½ mokamoes)
Mike's Garage (1 mokamoe)
Mind if I smoke? (3 mokamoes)
Mind If I Smoke? (0½ mokamoes)
Mish-Mashing Your Head (3 mokamoes)
Mistaken Identities (2 mokamoes)
Mokamo Breeds (2½ mokamoes)
Mom, dad... I'm gay (1½ mokamoe)
Monkey Butt Love (0½ mokamoes)
Monkey Butt Love (0½ mokamoes)
Monkey pudding (2½ mokamoes)
Monkeys (2 mokamoes)
More Things In Douganfield's Anus (2½ mokamoes)
More Zombie Nests? (0½ mokamoes)
Moving (1 mokamoe)
Mr Floppy (0½ mokamoes)
Mr Floppy (1 mokamoe)
MR FLOPPY MAN (1 mokamoe)
Mulder and Scully Getting it On (0½ mokamoes)
Mulder and Scully Getting it On (0½ mokamoes)
Mushrooms eh? Fantastic (0½ mokamoes)
Music to Feed Fish By (0½ mokamoes)
My Baloney has a First Name___ (3 mokamoes)
My Favorite Euphamisms (2 mokamoes)
My Innter Peace (1 mokamoe)
My name would have been John Lennon (3 mokamoes)
My other self (1½ mokamoe)
My Post_Christmas Let_Down (0½ mokamoes)
My Second Date With Density (4½ mokamoes)
My Uncle's Biggest Friend (3½ mokamoes)
MtPhrkngSprll (1 mokamoe)


Name That Tune (2 mokamoes)
Names of Newly Genetically Created Foods (1½ mokamoe)
Names of Street Hoes (0½ mokamoes)
Neandertal - A Love Story (3 mokamoes)
Nep, Bok, Noopnol, Girr. (1 mokamoe)
nerdy names (2 mokamoes)
Nest One (0½ mokamoes)
Nest One (0½ mokamoes)
nest42 (0½ mokamoes)
New Year's Resolutions You've Already Broken (0½ mokamoes)
NFTB (0½ mokamoes)
Ng Danger (3 mokamoes)
Ng Danger II_ The Resublimation of a Hero (2½ mokamoes)
Ng Danger III _ The Annoyance of the Anti_Alliterative (2 mokamoes)
Ng Danger IV _ The Compendiumite (0½ mokamoes)
Nick Danger (0½ mokamoes)
Nickwad (A Diatribe in Four Acts) (5 mokamoes)
Nikki's horrible day! (1½ mokamoe)
No Cheese For Alonzo (4½ mokamoes)
No, YOU shut the fuck up (1 mokamoe)
No_ They Weren't_ Asshole (3 mokamoes)
Noises During Sex (3½ mokamoes)
Noises like a buried machine_gun (4 mokamoes)
Nonexistant Anime Series (3½ mokamoes)
Nosferatu (2½ mokamoes)
Now I know... (2½ mokamoes)
Now some of the nests are in limbo_?_ (0½ mokamoes)
Now there's some dead stories (0½ mokamoes)
Now, the question is, do you feel lucky. Well... do ya? (1½ mokamoe)


O grab me! (go bar em) (1 mokamoe)
Ode to A Dumbass Mongoloid Fuckhead (3½ mokamoes)
Ode to a dumbass mongoloid fuckhead (0½ mokamoes)
Ode to a Glass of Sherry (3½ mokamoes)
Ode to a Glass of Sherry - one more time, but with filters (1 mokamoe)
Ode to a plastic bottle (3 mokamoes)
Ode to Food (3 mokamoes)
Ode to Toby Laurie (1 mokamoe)
vvOh_ Shut the Fuck Up (1½ mokamoe)
Old Time Religimous (Or_ Nest _157 or thereabouts) (1 mokamoe)
Once Upon A Time (1 mokamoe)
orange (1½ mokamoe)
orange (2 mokamoes)
orange (1 mokamoe)
Orange and Purple Sunsets (1½ mokamoe)
Organic Potato 94072 (1½ mokamoe)
Ouch (3 mokamoes)
Out with the bad air_ in with the good_ (3 mokamoes)
Oxymorons (0½ mokamoes)


P;unctu (0½ mokamoes)
Padre Pete (0½ mokamoes)
Painful Hillmongers (1 mokamoe)
Paint It Black (1½ mokamoe)
Party Is Borderline Kooky After Cake (2 mokamoes)
Passenfu? (1 mokamoe)
Pedro The Commie (1½ mokamoe)
Penniless Commute Through the Tollway of Squint (2½ mokamoes)
People STILL no longer formerly post_neo_quasi_exlaim_oid (0½ mokamoes)
People who are really (1½ mokamoe)
People who are really (2 mokamoes)
People who are really thick juicy slices of hell on earth (3 mokamoes)
Perfect Day In Compendium Town (1 mokamoe)
Perfect Ten (4 mokamoes)
Pete is Playing (1 mokamoe)
Pete is Playing (1 mokamoe)
Pete is Playing (1 mokamoe)
Pete's Compendium (5 mokamoes)
Pete's Compendium Of Aggressive 13_Year_Old Males (3 mokamoes)
Pete's Compendium of Love (4½ mokamoes)
Phone Banking Service (1½ mokamoe)
Pike vs. Mr. Pussy Club (3 mokamoes)
Pike, oh Pikey (2½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (0½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (0½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (2 mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (3 mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (0½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (4½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (0½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (0½ mokamoes)
Playtime at the OK Coral (0½ mokamoes)
Politics _ many little blood sucking insects (0½ mokamoes)
Porno Titles Taken From Movies and T_V_ Shows (5 mokamoes)
Pornographic Cartoon Characters (4½ mokamoes)
practical jokes played by nuns (1½ mokamoe)
Pre_tanked story (1 mokamoe)
Presidential Collector's Items _ The Clinton Years (1 mokamoe)
Pretense (2½ mokamoes)
Pretentious Pseudo-Artsy Poet Types (4 mokamoes)
Prince William sings Alice Cooper's "I'm eighteen" (3½ mokamoes)
profane disturbing pretenses (0½ mokamoes)
program_c (0½ mokamoes)
Punchlines you wish you knew the joke to (3 mokamoes)


Quandary (3½ mokamoes)
Queen of the Open Road (4 mokamoes)
Quentin Tarantino's New Script (1 mokamoe)
Qwerty (0½ mokamoes)


Raining in my bed (1 mokamoe)
reading frogs (4 mokamoes)
Reasons to be angry (2½ mokamoes)
Reasons to be Cheerful_ Part III (2 mokamoes)
Reasons to go on a multi-state killing spree (2½ mokamoes)
Reasons why Microsoft sux (3½ mokamoes)
Recipe for Disaster (1½ mokamoe)
Refried Beanie Babies (2½ mokamoes)
Reign of Terror (1 mokamoe)
Rejected 'Harry Potter' Book Titles
Rejected Federal Holidays (2½ mokamoes)
Rejected International Space Station Modules (1½ mokamoe)
Rejected Stephen King Titles (2½ mokamoes)
Related by semantics rythm or pun _ but NOT concept (2 mokamoes)
Revelations of a Salt Shaker Saboteur (4 mokamoes)
Revised Questions for (2 mokamoes)
Revolt in Paradise (0½ mokamoes)
Richard Nixon Dreams Furiously
Running Commentary (2½ mokamoes)


Sarah (2 mokamoes)
sasquatch_ (0½ mokamoes)
SATAN'S SPAWN vs. St. Joey Z., Patron of Goodfellas (4 mokamoes)
SATAN'S SPAWN's Summer Funtime Variety Hour And Comedy Factory (0½ mokamoes)
SATAN'S SPAWN's Summer Funtime Variety Hour And Comedy Factory 2 (4½ mokamoes)
SATAN'S SPAWN'S Tour of Hell (0½ mokamoes)
SATAN'S SPAWN's Tour Of Hell (3½ mokamoes)
Scary Things (3 mokamoes)
Scintillating Doormats (2½ mokamoes)
Scuttler the Robot (3 mokamoes)
Seusswad Part II (4½ mokamoes)
Seusswad_ A Diatribe in Four Beloved Children's Books (5 mokamoes)
Sewing dissent (0½ mokamoes)
Sexual feelings.. (2 mokamoes)
Shoes on the Highway and Other Mysteries of the Universe (1½ mokamoe)
Sick White Motherfuckers (2 mokamoes)
Sick White Motherfuckers (1 mokamoe)
Sing Random Bullshit (1 mokamoe)
Sing random bullshit (0½ mokamoes)
Sing_along II_ Sheer Weight of Evan (0½ mokamoes)
Sinus Paper (1½ mokamoe)
SMakrUN (2 mokamoes)
sneakers (1 mokamoe)
So Many Turds, So Few Toilets (0½ mokamoes)
Sodomy and Gamora (1 mokamoe)
Some In-chanted Evening (2½ mokamoes)
something in the way she slurps ... (0½ mokamoes)
Something Of Nothing (0½ mokamoes)
Something slithered this way comes (1½ mokamoe)
Sometimes a Fantasy Is Sugar Free (1½ mokamoe)
Songs and Albums by Those Bands (2 mokamoes)
Soup's On (2½ mokamoes)
Spoony Felcher, Fryboy (4½ mokamoes)
Springerwad (A Diatribe in Six Guests) (5 mokamoes)
Spuerman II (1 mokamoe)
Sqwawk (0½ mokamoes)
Steve Martin Stand Up Lines (4 mokamoes)
Still? (0½ mokamoes)
Stop It Now (2½ mokamoes)
Stuck in a Box (1 mokamoe)
Suck It (1 mokamoe)
sunders (0½ mokamoes)
Sung to the tune of 'Pomp and Circumstance' (3 mokamoes)
Super In St. Louie (1½ mokamoe)
Sweet, Sweet Lovin' (2½ mokamoes)


Talk about _ _ _ (1 mokamoe)
Tank My Story_ Will You? (0½ mokamoes)
Tank Your Story? Don't Mind If I Do (0½ mokamoes)
Tankers Away (1 mokamoe)
Teenage Homophobia (3½ mokamoes)
Teeth Mudbone vs. Kevin (4 mokamoes)
Test Story #2 (0½ mokamoes)
Test Story #2 (0½ mokamoes)
The 144 Names of God (1 mokamoe)
The ___ Word (3 mokamoes)
The Adventures of "Spuerman" (1 mokamoe)
the ass crack said_ (3 mokamoes)
The Backwards Story II (3 mokamoes)
The Backwards story_ (4 mokamoes)
The Brady Bunch go to Hawaii (0½ mokamoes)
The Brass Chicken (0½ mokamoes)
The Brass Chicken __ (0½ mokamoes)
The Brick Brained PC user_ and the brilliant Mac User_ (0½ mokamoes)
The Butt Massage (0½ mokamoes)
The Butt_Monkeys of Zatox (1 mokamoe)
The Clampett Continuum (2½ mokamoes)
The Clampett Continuum (3½ mokamoes)
The Continuing Adventures of Buck Starr (3 mokamoes)
The Council of Pez (1 mokamoe)
The Dance of a Thousand Mokamoes (4 mokamoes)
The Dance of Fear (3 mokamoes)
The Dark Cold North is readty to blow.... (1½ mokamoe)
The Day I Let My Arm Smooth/ (2 mokamoes)
The Day the 'Net Went Down (0½ mokamoes)
The day the W's died. (1½ mokamoe)
The day The world ran out (1½ mokamoe)
The Destruction of Ethan Gadfly (1 mokamoe)
The Duckwipe (0½ mokamoes)
The Dude, the Hand and the Voice (4½ mokamoes)
The End of a Pseudonym called Pussy (3 mokamoes)
The Finned Eagle (2½ mokamoes)
The Flying Goats Of Penzance (1 mokamoe)
The Flying Goats of Penzance (1½ mokamoe)
The Good Times and the Bad Weather (Colon) My biography (1 mokamoe)
The Haiku of saving wisely (0½ mokamoes)
The Illusory Perception of Beans (2½ mokamoes)
The Inscrutible Reign of Lactose the Intolerant (2½ mokamoes)
The Island of Illiterate Dirtbags (1 mokamoe)
The Lame Adventures of Tia And Lia (1½ mokamoe)
The Late Night (2 mokamoes)
The Late Night (0½ mokamoes)
The Late Night (0½ mokamoes)
The Late Night (1 mokamoe)
The Longest Sentence in the World (2 mokamoes)
The Man With Whom I Danced (2½ mokamoes)
The Meaning of Life (1 mokamoe)
The most interesting causes of death (2 mokamoes)
The Naked Ho Chi Minh City (1 mokamoe)
The name of the new nest (1½ mokamoe)
The New Adventures of "Spuerman" (1 mokamoe)
The New Adventures of Mia and Gia (2½ mokamoes)
The Night The World Died (1 mokamoe)
The Offensive Minstrel Show and Genocidal Revue (2½ mokamoes)
The Party (2½ mokamoes)
The Pissing Contest (2½ mokamoes)
The Quivering Anaconda of Doom (Part One_ The Reception) (2½ mokamoes)
The Return of Spoony Felcher_ Fryboy (0½ mokamoes)
The Revenge of the Lancaster Posse (Members (1 mokamoe)
The Ringworms of Ancient Crete (0½ mokamoes)
The Self_Referential Story (0½ mokamoes)
The ship is in the lake (1 mokamoe)
The Song of frenzy's Pance (Or_ These Messages Are Suck II) (0½ mokamoes)
The Spasmondick Excuse Me (4 mokamoes)
The Stain (3½ mokamoes)
The Thief of Memes (1 mokamoe)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (2½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The Thing with the Thing in It (0½ mokamoes)
The trilling of the telephone (0½ mokamoes)
The trilling of the telephone (1 mokamoe)
The Uncanny seX-Men (0½ mokamoes)
The Walking Man (3½ mokamoes)
The Worst Day of The Rest of My Life (1 mokamoe)
The Worst Day of The Rest of My Life (2 mokamoes)
The Zombie of Bite me Crack Baby (Oh Yesh) LIVES (0½ mokamoes)
Their once was a girl... (3 mokamoes)
There once was a limmerick named Orange (2½ mokamoes)
There once was a llama named Juan (1½ mokamoe)
There once was a martian named Todd (3 mokamoes)
There once was a movie named "Jaws" (4 mokamoes)
There once was a starling named Bob (1½ mokamoe)
There once was an asshole tanker (3 mokamoes)
There once was camel named Irv (1½ mokamoe)
There Twice was a Native of Dublin (2½ mokamoes)
There's More Finished Nests Now_ Pete (0½ mokamoes)
Thick Juicy Slices Of Hell On Earth (1 mokamoe)
Thick Juicy Slices Of Hell On Earth (2 mokamoes)
Things Mr. Douganfield Likes Stuffed In His Anus (4 mokamoes)
Things that make you go _AjeckamongaHUH?_?_ (0½ mokamoes)
Things that make you go_ 'Hrelpht'_ (3½ mokamoes)
Things that make you go_ girl_ (4½ mokamoes)
Things that make you go___Gunnk_ (1 mokamoe)
Things that make you long for deaths sweet release (3 mokamoes)
Things that suck (4 mokamoes)
Things to do in Sunnydale (1 mokamoe)
Things to do today (2½ mokamoes)
This *IS* Fried Chicken (2½ mokamoes)
This 7_11 is Really Boring (3½ mokamoes)
THIS IS A HAIKU (1½ mokamoe)
This is my boomstick_ (1 mokamoe)
This is the longest a concept has been followed in a nest (0½ mokamoes)
This nest isn't pance (2 mokamoes)
This Story Has Ended (0½ mokamoes)
This Story Just In (3 mokamoes)
Those Darn Pins_ (3 mokamoes)
Through the Years with Millie (1½ mokamoe)
Thursday (2 mokamoes)
Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's ... (2½ mokamoes)
Tonight's Double Feature . . . (3½ mokamoes)
Toothpaste (1½ mokamoe)
Top 50 comebacks (2 mokamoes)
Top Ten Foos (0½ mokamoes)
Toppie's Revenge
Totally Worthless Send-up of "Rock Around the Clock" (4 mokamoes)
Trim (1 mokamoe)
Trouble in Zerblandia (0½ mokamoes)
Two Freaks, a Bitch, and a Compendium (the new sitcom) (1½ mokamoe)
Types of Monkeys (3 mokamoes)


Uncle Lemmy's Bedtime Story (0½ mokamoes)
Uncle Squiggly's Misadventures (4 mokamoes)
Unholy Union (1 mokamoe)
Unity (3 mokamoes)
Unpronouncable Names (1 mokamoe)
Upon the Licking of the Stain (1½ mokamoe)
Uranus (1 mokamoe)
Uses for the Human Genome Project (1½ mokamoe)


Vacation with the Baron. (3 mokamoes)
Velvet thighs wrapped around my waist (3½ mokamoes)
Viagara? For me? (0½ mokamoes)
Viagara? For me? (0½ mokamoes)
Viagra For me? (2 mokamoes)
Viagra For me? (1½ mokamoe)
Viagra For me? (3 mokamoes)


Wag the dog? (0½ mokamoes)
Wanna play a game of Questions? (1½ mokamoe)
westlb (0½ mokamoes)
What *do* you consider a worthwhile nest? (2 mokamoes)
What am I? (4 mokamoes)
What can I say? I grew up on Police Academy Movies (1½ mokamoe)
What Do We Find In THERE??? (1 mokamoe)
What Do We Find In THERE??? (1½ mokamoe)
What Do We Find In THERE??? (1 mokamoe)
What Do We Find In THERE??? (2½ mokamoes)
What Do We Find In THERE??? (2 mokamoes)
What do you think? (2 mokamoes)
What does (1 mokamoe)
What does Se_or's 'B.' stand for? (0½ mokamoes)
What is your favorite way of communicating? (1 mokamoe)
What smincking means to me___ (1 mokamoe)
What the? (1 mokamoe)
What Time Is Love? (2½ mokamoes)
What would an angel say the devil wanted to know? (1 mokamoe)
What's a point to a line (1½ mokamoe)
What's In My Pance? (1 mokamoe)
What's the frequency_ Kenneth? (1 mokamoe)
What's Up With That?! (0½ mokamoes)
What? (2 mokamoes)
whatsa matta you hey, gotta.... (2½ mokamoes)
whatsa matta you hey, gotta.... (3½ mokamoes)
Whee dogs? (0½ mokamoes)
When do I get to touch your breasts? (1 mokamoe)
When I was seventeen ___ (2½ mokamoes)
where do all y'all hail from, anyway? (2½ mokamoes)
who is this..... Pete guy? (2½ mokamoes)
Who the Hell is Evan Dando? (3½ mokamoes)
Who the Hell is Evan Dando? (2½ mokamoes)
Whoopi Goldberg's Humiliating, Incomprehensible Crap (2 mokamoes)
Why (1½ mokamoe)
Why An Empty Wall is 4% Full (1 mokamoe)
Why do my nests attract losers? (3½ mokamoes)
Why does Miliardo Think He is Hitler (1 mokamoe)
Why Graham Hoffman sucks (0½ mokamoes)
Why I Am Suck (2 mokamoes)
Why Pike is A HOMO (3 mokamoes)
Why You Are A Pathetic Geek (3½ mokamoes)
Wipe (0½ mokamoes)
Wonder Twins Unite (2½ mokamoes)
Word association (1½ mokamoe)
Words that rhyme with ''Orange'' (3 mokamoes)
Words that rhyme with _Orange_ (0½ mokamoes)
Work with me_ people (3½ mokamoes)
World's Worst Inventions (3½ mokamoes)
Worst (best) Movie Lines (3 mokamoes)
Worst Last Line in a Movie (2 mokamoes)
Worst Names For A Child Of The Millenium (3½ mokamoes)
Wuzzup with the guestbook (0½ mokamoes)


Ya Cockbite Sonsabitches (2½ mokamoes)
yer mama (0½ mokamoes)
Yes_ His Glasses_ His Glasses (3½ mokamoes)
Yezdigerd III (4 mokamoes)
YOU ARE *STILL* SO YODA (3 mokamoes)
YOU ARE SO GO YODA (0½ mokamoes)
You have GOT to be fucking kidding me (1 mokamoe)
You know you're getting senile when... (2½ mokamoes)
You remind me of someone..... (0½ mokamoes)
Young Man vs. SATAN'S SPAWN (3½ mokamoes)


zango (0½ mokamoes)
Zangowa (1½ mokamoe)
Zombie Nests? (0½ mokamoes)
Zombies still walk (2 mokamoes)


'Soon_' spake the Hammer Horror (3 mokamoes)
(Addendum to) A pox on your houses (1 mokamoe)
(Yet another addendum to) A pox on your houses (0½ mokamoes)
*He's* running for president? (1½ mokamoe)
1 (3 mokamoes)
10 Biggest Mistakes (2 mokamoes)
10 Things You Don't Want To See In The Mirror (0½ mokamoes)
101 Reasons to Keep Lists Short (1 mokamoe)
101 Ways To Care And Feed The Girl In Your Pit (1½ mokamoe)
101 uses for self_pity (0½ mokamoes)
101 uses of spam (3 mokamoes)
150 Top Rejected Pokemon Character Names (2 mokamoes)
16 Best Ways to Kill The Last Mohican (1 mokamoe)
21 Alternative Plant Foods (1½ mokamoe)
50 Ways Ryan's Brothers Passed Away (1½ mokamoe)
59 Lame Excuses for Not Going To Work (3 mokamoes)
7UP Bubble Bath (0½ mokamoes)
Unforgettable (1 mokamoe)
_CITE_S_ faecalis__CITE_ (0½ mokamoes)
_Things that make you go, 'Hmmm'_ (2½ mokamoes)
__& ASCII Characters A_Go_Go___ (0½ mokamoes)
___One of their shoes_ or their hats_ or something___ (2 mokamoes)

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