Compendium Usability Survey

I'm very interested in knowing what you thought of the compendium and how easy it was to use as a web document. If you will, please fill out the following form and hit the "Send Opinion to Pete" button at the end.


Was the text size...

...too big?
...too small?
...just right?

Ease of navigation:

I had no problems navigating around the compendium.
It was a little confusing navigating the compendium.
I had real problems navigating the compendium.

Page loading speed:

The pages loaded very quickly.
The pages were a little sluggish when loading
It was really slow loading pages.

Page layout:

I liked the graphical layout of the pages.
The graphical layout of the pages was OK.
I didn't like the graphical layout of the pages.

Browser Problems:

My web browser was quite happy with your pages.
My web browser had some problems.
My web browser didn't like your pages at all.


I liked the content in the compendium.
The compendium content was OK.
This is a waste of disk space.

Comments and suggestions are welcome: