What is Pete's Compendium of Knowlege?

The compendium is a collection of questions, answers, stories, and artwork. Several years ago, I started sending out random surveys to friends and acquaintances through conventional paper mail. Each survey consisted of a few questions and maybe an 'exercise' or two. Over the years, this collection of information accumulated into what you see at this web site. Along the way, I started collecting stories and drawings from these same friends and acquaintances. That's the Compendium.


I'll let you figure that out.

Can I play too?

Absolutely. The Web has allowed me to make the compendium available to the world at large, as well as explore some interesting interactive word experiments, which you can find down in The Underneath. The currently available survey can be answered by anyone with a web browser and the time to fill it out.

What happens if I answer these questions?

Your replies are moved into a database on my home computer. Your answer is anonymous. I do not track where the answer came from, only the time and date it was submitted. All answers that you submit become my property to do with as I choose.

What do you do with the replies?

I go through and give them a once over just to make sure that they're not just random garbage. Once I have accumulated a critical mass of answers to a set of questions, I make the questions 'unavailable' and publish all of the answers on the web.

How much do you edit the questions?

Almost zero. Mostly I fix punctuation and spelling errors unless the spelling is part of the answer.

Why don't you make the whole thing automatic and post the answers immediately after someone fills out a survey?

I don't like the idea of one person's answers influencing another's. I get much greater diversity in my replies this way.

Is there a paper version of the compendium?

Yep. It's all laid out in Framemaker, waiting for the right amount of money and time to come along and get published. I must admit, I really like reading the paper version more than the on-line version, but going on-line is easier and cheaper for a large audience.

So tell me more...

I'm currently on the lookout for good questions to ask, also stories of a 'mundane' variety, and good, crunchy doodles. I hope you like the compendium. Sign the guestbook if you wish. I'd also appreciate it if you would let me know what you think of my creation.